Video Librarian May/June 2008  (Volume 23, Issue 3)

Lots & Lots of Playful Penguins
(2007) 75 min. DVD: $19.95 ($24.95 w/PPR from Marshall Publishing (avail. from most distributors). PPR. ISBN: 978-0-9789286-4-3.

Thanks to Happy Feet, March of the Penguins, and Surf’s Up, the world’s coolest birds are now a hot topic with the under-12 set. This nonfiction look at the 17 species of penguins (including the emperor, king, and rockhopper) focuses on distinguishing characteristics (such as various calls), habitats, and whether or not each species is endangered or threatened. The program opens with an animated music video called “Party Like a Penguin” (which delighted both my four- and seven-year-old sons), while additional chapters include “Penguins at the Shedd” (a visit to the titular aquarium) and “Penguin Rag” (which features silly background music and lots of special effects—fast-motion waddling, repeated funny moves, etc.). Recommended. Aud: K, E, P. (R. Reagan)

Lots and Lots of Playful Penguins: And Their Toe-Tappin’ Feet!
2007. 75min. Marshall, DVD, $24.95 (9780978928643). PreS–Gr. 4.

REVIEW – First published April 1, 2008 (Booklist). Kids will know penguins are cool (and warm, too), thanks to animated penguins P. J. and Artie, the hosts of this penguin film fest. Colorful clips and stills featuring penguins in natural and captive habitats are backed by performer James Coffey’s songs, spunky instrumental music, or Artie’s fact- and trivia-filled patter. In descriptions of penguins ranging from Adélie to Kings (17 kinds in all), humorous voice-over narration instructs about habitat, height, weight, and more. The program even includes audio clips of the sounds various penguins make: African penguins sound like horns honking in the distance. Eleven menu choices allow viewers to watch footage of the entertaining creatures, learn facts, or get up and dance to an animated “music video.” Bonus features include clips of polar bears, arctic birds, and marine mammals. See also Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks [BKL Ap 15 07], another title in this ongoing series. —Eloise Kinney


Love DVD
Lots & Lots of Really Big Trains is one of the best I’ve seen! I especially love the music!! JBC

My twin boys (2 years old) absolutely love it
I am so happy with Lots and Lots of Big Trains DVD vol. 1! My twin boys (2 years old) absolutely love it and we’ve watched it so many times together with them. That DVD made our recent hotel vacation so much easier on everyone. Their favorites and mine are the South African trains and the Sugar Cane train in Java, The American, Welsh, and Polish trains are fantastic too! Thank you very much. – A happy customer, Ken G. Berkeley, CA

Kids who have autism love this movie, too!
My son has autism and is 9 years old. This movie has been one of his absolute favorites since he was about 4 years old. We’ve gone through 2 copies of it due to the fact that he watches it almost daily. When his last copy recently broke due to the fact that the tape was just worn out, he cried for two days! We promised him he would get a new copy for his birthday this month, and he can’t wait. Lots of kids who have autism love trains for some reason, and they can see lots of them in this movie. He likes to hum the tune from the movie even when he is not watching it. His great-grandfather who retired from the railroad liked the movie so much that he bought himself a copy to watch when we weren’t visiting him! We have many train videos, but this is his favorite, especially Volume 2. I would recommend this for anyone who loves trains! Great for toddlers!

Marshall Publishing, Thank you so much for the Vol 3 DVD.  My nephew, Jack loves it. He was so excited when I gave it to him. After he watched it a few times he said “I can’t wait for season 4”. They are really nice DVDs. Anne Stannard Tele National Marketing

Our son absolutely loves the videos as well as the CD.  We will continue to purchase items from Marshall Publishing , as well as recommend your business to family and friends.  Thank you again for your time and concern. Sincerely,   Ben and Jennifer Satterly


Great for toddlers!

I bought this video because my 3 year old loves trains. This video is just trains and a little music. My son asks for Lots and Lots of Trains on a daily basis. He also has There Goes a Train which he likes, but that is for an older child, in my opinion. If you have a toddler who loves trains, then he or she will love this movie!

A Winner With the Kids! Thumbs Up, Way Up! Reviewer: A viewer This video with no narration, was an instant hit with my 3-yr. old train fanatic! And it’s something parents won’t mind sitting through. Highly recommended. I think we’ll get the Vol. 2 as a result of watching Vol. 1.

No-nonsense video Reviewer: A viewer This video contains only trains – none of the hokey actors and dialog that come on so many videos geared to children. Parents will find it interesting to sit through!

Kids love it! Reviewer: A viewer One of the best train videos we’ve ever owned. Our son watches this video more than any other train video. Won’t go to sleep without it!

Award-Winner! Reviewer: A viewer This wonderful video has received a Kid’s First; endorsement from the Coalition for Children’s Media; and approval from Parent’s Choice!

Very Happy Parent

Reviewer: A viewer After seeing this video advertised on TV over and over again I am happy to finally find it here on Amazon. It is absolutely the greatest train video we own. The kids just love it – they sing the theme song over and over again – it’s quickly moving and keeps the kids glued to the TV. There is also a Volume 2 of this tvideo which has even more trains on it.



Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks: Brave Heroes and Big Rigs!
Apr. 2007. 30min. Marshall, VHS, $14.95 (9780978928650); Marshall, DVD, $14.95 (9780978928605). K-Grade 3.

REVIEW. First published April 15, 2007 (Booklist). Ever wonder what the world looks like from the top of a fire truck’s aerial ladder (aka the “big stick”)? Kids will be riveted with this robust explication of the firefighter’s job. With 12 sections to choose from, including “Specialty Trucks,” “Dial 9-1-1,” and “Firehouse Rock,” covering a variety of U.S. fire stations, viewers will marvel at footage of the big firefighting rigs in action (names are captioned), with firefighters battling real fires and performing rescues, as well as simpler everyday scenes, such as firefighters eating, cleaning the trucks, folding hoses, and more. Host firefighter Brian “the Rat” Ratushniak appears onscreen and provides voice-over narration, accompanied by jaunty background music, crackling radio dispatchers’ voices, and composer James Coffey’s educational, sing-along songs. Amazing Rescue Rigs! ($14.95) is also available from Marshall. — Eloise Kinney

I didn’t even tell you how MUCH he loves them. This is the only video where he stands in front of the screen and marches and “sings” the songs. He knows some of the words. For “Lots and Lots”, he says “Mop-pay, mop-pay” – trust me – it’s really cute in person. Thanks again- great, educational video that I CAN watch 5 times a day (smile).
Kind Regards, Linda Rayner

I have bought a ton of these videos so far, and every little boy loves them! Linda Weiss