Lots & Lots of Playful Penguins

If you love penguin movies it’s time to Party Like A Penguin and learn everything there is to know about penguins, plus enjoy fun songs, trivia, and more!! We guarantee you are going to love, Lots and Lots of Playful Penguins and their Toe-Tappin Happy Feet! From emperors and kings to fairies and rockhoppers, these cute and cuddly tuxedo look-a-like creatures are everyone’s favorite birds and you will love watching them over and over again in this brand new video collection! You’ll laugh and sing along as you watch them hip-hopping along on the ice and the snow to some of the most entertaining songs ever produced by award-winning children’s musician, James Coffey. Plus, you’ll want to jump out of your seat and dance along with our fully animated penguins to the hottest beat south of the border in the hit music video, Party Like A Penguin! Lots and Lots of Playful Penguins features some of the most incredible video footage of penguins in their natural and captive habitats you’ve probably ever seen! Listen to their calls and cries — it’s absolutely fascinating! Plus, you’ll also learn interesting facts and trivia about all 17 kinds of penguins from around the world. Then, as a special bonus, you’ll see other cold-weather creatures like polar bears, seals, and wild birds, and you’ll also see rare views of the majestic scenery of Antarctica. Lots and Lots of Playful Penguins truly is lots and lots of fun for young and old alike so waddle right in and have a peek we guarantee you’ll love it! DOVE FAMILY Award Winner!