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In order to secure travel routes during the expansion and settlement of America’s western lands, the U.S. government built a large network of approximately 73 frontier forts and encampments.

Because of their central location, the presence of military forts during the 19th Century in what is now the state of Kansas was particularly important to changing the West forever.

These forts were originally established on the Great Plains to protect traders on the Santa Fe Trail and gold seekers and emigrants on the Oregon-California Trail. Later on, they protected settlers, railroad laborers, and the railroads themselves.

Dragoons…the Cavalry…Indians…Buffalo Soldiers…battles…daily life in a military fort…the Civil War…buffalo…stagecoaches…railroads – all important aspects of this turbulent chapter in American history are covered in-depth in this fascinating production.

And it shows eight of these forts which today are bringing back the past as museums and historical sites.

Through the use of live historical re-enactments, rare photographs and drawings, and current day visits to remaining forts, this entertaining and informative program gives us a rare insight into why the forts were established and what life was really like on the edge of the Western Plains in the 1800’s.

This video production, guaranteed to entertain and inform, will take you on a journey back in time to visit eight famous forts which today are bringing back the past as museums and historical sites.

* Fort Scott * Fort Harker

* Fort Leavenworth * Fort Dodge

* Fort Riley * Fort Hays

* Fort Larned * Fort Wallace

KVFD-105 Length Approx. 30 Minutes © Kansas Forts Network A Kaw Valley Films Production © 2009 Package Artwork and Design Marshall Publishing and Promotions, Inc.

KVFD-105 ISBN 978-1-9636134-06-9 UPC 894190001851