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Animals - Penguins

Your videos are truly inspirational. I love how you used the concept of penguins, and partying. It's funny and silly, and it is also very cute and gives a warm feeling.-Satisfied Customer

I have ordered a number of the "Lots and Lots" videos in the past and have been very satisfied with them. My grandson loves the DVDs. I am going to order for his birthday the set of two "Lots and Lots of Penguins" because it's such a great price. Thank you!-Frances, Satisfied Customer

My son really enjoys his new Penguin movie! It is now his favorite animal!-Satisfied Customer

I can't express how very much we enjoyed this whole set! It has a lot of educational value as well as a fun factor for the younger set. I think it would make a great addition to any homeschool and a wonderful holiday gift, as well...I'm so impressed that I just went ahead and ordered the Lots and Lots of Monster Trucks DVD and the Extreme Motorsports DVD for my almost-5-year-old son for Christmas. - KGB That's Me! Blog

We decided on the Lots and Lots of Penguins in the Wild DVD to watch first. The opening scene gives information about the program including a disclaimer that the video is not set to music nor narrated, but the focus is truly on the penguins in their natural habitat.I was amazed by the incredible footage of these majestic creatures- I felt like we had a window into their world in a way I have never seen before. We watched them dive and swim with such grace, tend to their eggs and their fluffy little ones, and even interact with other Arctic creatures. I think the fact that there was no audio included other than their natural sounds gave it sort of an aquarium feel- it was peaceful to watch them just being penguins but my children did lose interest after a little while. I kept the video on in the background of our schoolwork that day and we found ourselves looking over to see what the penguins were up to several times throughout the morning.The second DVD, Lots and Lots of Playful Penguins and their Happy Feet, was a much more entertaining look at penguins combining live action footage with cartoon penguins and lots and lots of fun music. My kiddos loved this DVD and have watched it again and again. It's not all fun and games however, there are several times when we were learning great penguin facts as well- such as there are over 17 varieties of penguins. Seriously- and the cutest are the Chinstrap Penguins- and their name is very fitting.We love these fun DVDs and I know we will be including them in a Penguin unit study we will be doing in the spring. These videos would be appropriate for any age- my 10 month old laughed and laughed at the penguins and I know I enjoyed them myself (not disclosing my age here but I am 30ishish- smile). - One House Schoolroom Blog

If you are studying penguins in general, or are doing a study of animals from this region, these DVDs would make a great addition to your curriculum. Also, if you are a parent of a Happy Feet fan, or a child who loves penguins, then these DVDs will be a huge hit. My older son (14) thinks they are definitely intended for younger kids and he did get a little bored while watching, but he's a boy and a teenager interested in stuff like cars and music, and LOTS of things bore him! However, I do agree that the DVD's are more geared toward kids 12 and under. That doesn't mean that if you have an older child they won't enjoy them, but they will probably like them more if they have a serious interest in animals, penguins in particular! - Kingdom Academy Blog




A wonderful and nostalgic compilation of TV Game Show history!

I found this little goodie to be a concise and quick guide to the evolution of these shows from early radio to present day.

As you follow the chronology of shows and ideas, you'll notice how they reflected the times and showcased the celebrities, audience participation and of course, those prizes!

Loaded with pictures, facts, highlights and even nods to the hosts with the most!

This is an invaluable reference to one of the most addicting genres in TV history! – Frank Partipilo, TV industry veteran and instructor of TV production at a Chicago Communications college.


A great combination of historical fire facts & modern-day heroes! – David Lewis, Curator Aurora Regional Fire Museum

A virtual encyclopedia of every imaginable facet of firefighting, condensed into a wonderfully compact volume…it will delight readers of all ages! K. Corey Keeble, Curator Royal Ontario Museum

The book was very interesting, informative and a good source of basic learning about the fire service. – Brian Leahy, Fire Chief Clarendon Hills Fire Department, Illinois

What a pleasure this book is! The images were great and it presents the fire service and its remarkable history in an exciting and accurate manner. I can't imagine anyone who picks up this book (whether a firefighter, civilian adult or child) being able to put t down until the very last page has been taken in. – Mike Madden, Firefighter and Paramedic – Barrington Ilinois




This was a pretty good show. Some segments were too short, and others too long, but all in all it's a good journey back in time for an hour and a half. – Jim, San Antonio


TV'S GREATEST GAME SHOWS is kind of a retrospective of some of the favorite game shows of the 1940s-early 1960s. The format of the disc is to discuss a certain number of shows from a particular game show format. When the show aired, what networks it was broadcasted on, how the show was played, who hosted, and usually some interesting facts about the show. That's followed by a segment (and in some cases almost an entire show) from one or two of the shows that were mentioned earlier. Some of the more memorable segments I remember from the DVD are when Salvador Dali appeared on "The Name's the Same", Harper Marx visiting Grocho on "You Bet Your Life", and the first part of the appearance of Vincent Price on "The $64,000 Challenge". Most of the video segments on the DVD can be found somewhere in the nether regions of the Internet, but only if you know exactly what you are looking for. Personally, I think it's more convenient seeing them here on this DVD because not only do you get to see the videos but you're also given some context about them. I enjoyed watching this DVD and found it both entertaining and educational. – A Customer from Illinois

From a different era and better than 90% of the disgusting shows on during prime time now. My grand kids of all ages love to watch it with me and ask why there aren't shows like it now. Woody, Iowa



Dr. Carver is one of my favorite heroes. I wish I knew about him when I was growing up. Every American child should know his story. What an inspiring man!-Ellen, Satisfied Customer



Hello,I won the "Fire Trucks" DVD's and Book.I want to thank you for these wonderful DVD's and the book.I brought them to my two nephews (four and six) the day I received the package.We spent the afternoon watching the video's and ended up inviting neighborhood kids in to watch as well.Their Grandfather, my father in law is a retired firefighter who worked much of the equipment on the First DVD.I also have a friend who is a captain of an airport fire department and told them a few things he has told me.It was a wonderful afternoon and I am now THE favorite Uncle for a while!Also my sister in law was looking over the cookbook section to make them dinner from it later this week.Thank You - Shawn Maloney

My son watched your video on you tube and I ordered some of your videos. They are fantastic! My 5 year old son loves the fire trucks, now his cousin (who is 3) wants the video. - Catherine from Australia

I just wanted to say thank you so much for mailing the Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks DVD (and for free). He had the biggest smile on his face. Christmas is approaching, and I will definitely be purchasing items from your company! Anyways, just a quick note to say thanks again; my 3 year old is just so happy. - Satisfied Customer

My young son is a huge fan of your Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks DVD!!!-Adrian from Australia

Hi, my son loves your advert on YouTube for the Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks DVD, I'd like to buy it!-Kate from the United Kingdom

Thank you so much! I ordered Lot & Lots of Fire Trucks for Christmas 2008. That was for our first grandson. Now we have 2, and they watch it almost every time they come over. They still love it! One likes trains and the other likes planes, so this is a perfect gift. We ordered the 2 DVD pack, so we can send one home with them, and keep one here. -Jan Omaha, NE

Hello Marshall Publishing, We've been happy customers of both "Lots and Lots of Trucks" (Vol. 1 and 2) ... and "Lots and lots of Fire trucks" (again Vol. 1 and 2). Our son enjoys watching said videos over and over. -Smilingly Satisfied Customer

We live in New Zealand and our son, Hunter, (now 4yr) has been watching the 'promo' for Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks on YouTube since he was very little. He also watches the 'promo' for Lots and Lots of Trains. Hunter watches these several times a day… everyday!! So maybe it's time to buy them- Jayne and little Hunter

Hello! I loved the Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks DVD!-Alysson from Brazil

Thank you so much! I ordered Lot & Lots of Fire Trucks for Christmas 2008, I found you online at that time. That was for our first grandson. Now we have 2 grandsons, and they watch it almost every time they come over to our house, they still love it! One likes trains, and the other likes planes, so this is a perfect gift. We order the 2 DVD pack, so we can send one home with them, and keep one here.-Jan, NE

Thank you so much for the Vol. 3 DVD. My nephew, Jack, loves it. He was so excited when I gave it to him. After he watched it a few times he said, "I can't wait for season 4". They are really nice DVDs.-Anne, Satisfied Customer

My son watched your video on YouTube and I ordered and received some of your videos, and they are fantastic. My 5 year old son loves the fire trucks. He's in there now watching one. Now his cousin who is 3 wants the video. I think the videos are beautifully presented and I know my son just loves the fire truck ones!-Catherine from Australia

I just wanted to thank you for publishing the DVD "Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks". I am raising my grandson, Kirk, and his favorite thing in the world is Fire Trucks. He's only 26 months old and can name the different kinds of trucks. He is at this moment watching the DVD again (he wants to watch it every day). Nothing else captivates him like Disk 1 of this set. The narrator does a fantastic job of "talking" to young children. Kirk suffers from Dandy-Walker Malformation and faces many challenges, so it is a joy to watch him enjoy something so much.-Jeanne

My son loves your lots of Fire Trucks DVD's. Moments ago I purchased the 2 DVD set "Lots and Lots of Trucks" from your website at Marshall Publishing. My son has his heart set on it!-Kristin, IL

My child is 4 and watched your videos on YouTube and has to have them. His dad is a captain on the fire department here so every toy and everything in our house is fire trucks, books, and toys. Thanks!Lauri from Canada

I just wanted to say thank you so much for mailing the Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks DVD. My son had the biggest smile on his face. Christmas is approaching, and I will definitely be purchasing items from your company! Anyways, just a quick note to say thanks again; my 3 year old is just so happy.-Laurie, Satisfied Customer

I can't even tell you how MUCH he loves them. This is the only video where he stands in front of the screen and marches and "sings" the songs.-Linda, Satisfied Customer

My 4-year old son, Max, loves to watch the Fire Trucks DVD on YouTube! He sang it to his class today!-Rob from the UK

My 3-year old son absolutely loves this movie! He sings "Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks"!!-Satisfied Customer

My son's first movie that he ever watched was Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks. He LOVES it!-Satisfied Customer

My 2-year old nephew LOVES watching your Fire Trucks videos!-Robert from the UK

My son ignored the rest of the gifts he received at his party as soon as we put in the first DVD. We read the book AT LEAST 10 times since Saturday, and again this morning before work. Thank you for making my son's day such a wonderful day and for creating such wonderful memories for our family. "Captain Nick" had the most fun day I've ever seen a child have! Nick told me that Fireman Brian was his best friend.-Wendy, Very Satisfied Customer

Like most kids, my kids love fire trucks, so this is right up their alley. The songs are fun and the pictures are very exciting. I also like the safety things that are in this show. We have both videos and the boys watch them almost every day.

My 22 month old son enjoys this video! It doesn't hold his attention the entire time, but not much does. My 4 year old nephew was visiting for the holidays, and once he saw this video he kept asking to watch it again and again. Good buy.- Customer

Kids love it and have most of the songs memorized. They even remembered what they learned when we went and visited the fire station in town.- Customer

This is a great flick for young people especially, since it teaches them about fire safety. The film is just plain fun and has good exposure to various fire trucks.- Customer

I bought this movie for my 7 year old son who is a fire truck fanatic. He loves this movie!- Customer

My son (14 months) loves Lots and Lots of Trains so I was excited to see how he'd do with the fire trucks...he had just as much fun as with the trains. The music, again, is so much fun and there is such great footage of all the parts of fire trucks. While my son was dancing to the music and enjoying what the fire trucks look like, I was actually learning something. These videos are so fun and interesting...I can't wait to see what these guys come out with next!-Happy Customer

My son loves this video!! He watches it over and over again!!! My son has a small dvd player, and watches the dvd on the player while he plays with his fire trucks in his room...playing along, singing along. It will provide us with hours of entertainment. Already has!!-Happy Mom

The number one thing I loved about the Lots & Lots of products is their all educational. I had a chance to review Lots & Lots of Toy Trains, Fire Trucks, Fire Songs & Safety Tips, Big Trains, and Fire Trucks & Firefighters (Book). I have to say my favorite part was the book. It covered history and fun facts about the Fire Trucks and Firefighters. My son and daughter both LOVED the Fire Songs & Safety tips DVD. I don't they can watch the show enough! It's on over and over. There favorite part is Heroes Brave and Tall. I can't complain though, because while they are watching the DVD they are also learning important tips about being safe with fires. My favorite part of the book was the Fireman's Prayer. It reminded me a lot of my dad. I think it's neat how when we pass fire trucks or trains that both of my children can blurt out some kind of fact about them. Education is an important factor in every child life. Who said it couldn't be fun or done by watching T.V? These DVD's and book are great tools for encouraging fire safety or for the vehicle lover in your life!! I know my son has gained a lot more passion for different kind of vehicles just from watching this.http://womanofmanyroles.com/2013/03/lots-lots-of-fire-trucks-big-trains-toy-trains-every-boys-dreams.html


Jets and Planes

The Volume 2 was received and my grandson is enjoying it!!-Donitta, OK

I love your video and I love planes!!!-YouTube Customer

I just had to get this dvd when I first saw the commercial watching [adult swim]. I don't have the energy to use my keyboard and mouse on my computer to see these clips, I can just pop the dvd into the player, sit back, and enjoy!- Customer

My 3 year old grandson loves this DVD. It holds his attention with fast changing pictures of military and civilian aircraft and some spacecraft.-Web Customer

The movie was very cool with lots of planes and jets… my 7-year old loved it!-Happy Customer

This is good fun for boys and girls in that 3-5 year old range.-Tom


Monster Trucks


This item was part of grandsons birthday gifts and he loves it. If he says its great then I take his word for it!-By Teri Anne Amazon Verified Purchase

This is a very entertaining DVD that features footage from the Toughest Monster Truck Tour, which I consider the best arena monster truck show out there.By Mandy H.

I bought the DVD for my grandsons birthday. He loved it. It came with a poster which is now hanging in his room. I will probably be ordering more DVD's.By b - Amazon Verified Purchase

I just picked up the Monster Truck Classics 3 DVD set from you and it is awesome!!! I had all of these on VHS years ago and it was nice to be able to sit down and watch them again. - Mike

I recently purchased your "Monster Truck Classics" and "Lots and Lots of Monster Trucks" DVDs, and quite enjoyed both of them. It was very nice to see the older monster trucks shows put onto DVD.-Mark

I had been watching them on YouTube, but it's so great to finally have the DVD!!!-YouTube Customer

My wife and I have two boys one of which is 2 years old and is pretty much obsessed with cars and trucks, and dinosaurs and is really a boy's boy. He also loves Monster Trucks. We've got some from our library but spent most of the time wincing at the idiots they had hosting the show. Finally I said that all they really need is a tape only showing monster trucks for an hour and nothing else no stupid skits or pointless voice overs that kids don't care about anyway. This DVD fits the bill perfectly. It's never dull and just keeps the action coming. It's perfect for little kids who just want to watch the trucks do their thing. If you have kids you couldn't ask for more.-A Customer

My 2 year old son loves monster trucks, but we have never taken him to actually see them because they are so loud. We bought this video in hopes that it would be the next best thing to seeing them live...it is! He loves watching the trucks drive over cars, roll over and crash. My husband and I even enjoy watching. This video is worth every penny!-A Mom

I bought this dvd because it had a lower price than the ones at the actual monster truck show we went to. I was surprised by the length of the show. It is pretty long and great for long car trips. This video is short clips of various races in both the U.S. and other countries. It breaks out of the clips by different things the trucks do. Like crashing, mud racing, water racing and more crashing. It is great for kids!- Customer

I bought this for my monster truck-obsessed 3 year old. He absolutely ADORES the video. He plays it pretty much every day. It has lots of footage and changes from one thing to the next so young ones don't lose interest. I would definitely recommend purchasing this for any kid who thinks monster trucks are the end-all and be-all.- Customer

Love this dvd!! I bought it for my 4 year old who is really into trucks and monster trucks. He watched it over and over and over!!!

The name says it all. This is a dvd of a whole heck of a lot of monster trucks. No talking heads, no nothing to distract from the point. To a toddler, this is nirvana. Since we got this for our two year old son, I'm rating this a complete success. If you have a young one that adores all things vehicular, they will love this video. Toddlers don't care what the talking heads have to say, they want to watch TRUCKS. With this dvd, they get to.

I bought this dvd for my Grandson, he is 4 and just loves this video!! We watch it all the time at home and in our van. It just took a couple of days to get here and was worth the money. I would recommend this video for anyone with little boys that love monster trucks.- A Happy Grandparent

My kid loves your real train videos. Literally goes nuts.Just thought I'd give you a heads up. As a parent with limited time its easier to pay for the video and download straight to a portable device than purchasing it, waiting for it to ship.Keep up the good work.
br>Purchased for 3 year old grandson...he would watch this DVD non-stop if allowed...he loves it! It has good variety of trucks and other vehicles to entertain for hours!- Grandparent

My son is 4 years old and Monster Truck Crazy. He LOVES this DVD and watches it over and over again. If you have a child that loves Monster trucks, he will love this movie.

My 3 year old thinks it's great. Jumps, rolls, crashes this video has it all. Very entertaining.-Satisfied Customer

We have purchased several really bad DVD's that supposedly featured trucks, trains, etc. This DVD truly delivers. It is ALL Monster Trucks & related fun stuff for kids. Lots of Bigfoot & other well known trucks. Lots of action including demolition derby, rolling ramp cars, etc. No announcers talking, just fun music. If you are looking for just trucks & car video for kids to watch, this is it. No other nonsense.

My son who is three years old, really enjoys this video. There isn't any narrating of the video just music and monster trucks. If your son likes monster trucks, it is well worth the price.- Happy Parent

My grandson, age 9, is getting to be quite an expert on monster trucks. He loves his collection and this DVD will soon be worn out from use. He can watch this action DVD over and over for hours. Something he can enjoy and share with his Dad.-Very Happy Mom

My 2 year old grandson is absolutely in love with monster trucks. He will watch this video over and over and over. Great item, quick turn-around. Definitely pleased.

Most young boys have a fascination with trucks and my grandson is no exception. My son took him to an arena to see the monster trucks in person but they were so loud they left after 15 minutes. Knowing how much my grandson enjoyed them - I bought this DVD. He has watched it many times and never seems to tire of it. I am now his favorite relative.-A Favorite Grandparent

I will be buying Volume 2 for my grandson's birthday!-A Customer

This lots and lots of Monster trucks is on at my house just about every weekend my 3 year old son just loves it.-Happy Parent



I am so happy with Lots and Lots of Big Trains DVD vol. 1!My twin boys (2 years old) absolutely love it and we've watched it somany times together with them. That DVD made our recent hotel vacationso much easier on everyone. Their favorites and mine are the SouthAfrican trains and the Sugar Cane train in Java, The American, Welsh,and Polish trains are fantastic too!Thank you very much. - A happy customer, Ken G. Berkeley, CA

We have 2 grandsons who just turned 6 and 2. They LOVE your Lots and Lots of Trains. My husband and I like it very much too. The kids play it 3,4,5, times in a row. The kids are at that age where they love any trains, trucks and now the new thing ... Monster trucks. I know the new DVDs will be enjoyed over and over. Thanks again for a great product and for the speed in which you sent out my order. - Family in Elmhurst, IL

Hello! My son LOVES the DVD… He sings along to the song "Lots and Lots of Trains! Roaring down the rail going down the track...." There is footage of it going through snow, the Napa Valley, dropping a load of pipes (he yells OH NO). He watches it DAILY. - Brooklyn, NY

Wow, my 22 month-old son wakes up every morning and after each nap, and asks for, "train tracks?" He can't get enough of this video. He also loves the "Lots and lots of Fire Trucks" and "This is the work I really love, because that's what an excavator does" video. We are going to buy them all! -YouTube Customer

I wanted to express my appreciation to you for the enjoyment my grandson and I have gotten from your DVDs "Lots and Lots of Trains, Volumes 1 & 2." We'll be getting Volume 3! The bonus audio CD is great! Marvelous music.-Satisfied Customer

Volume 3 of "Trains" is my grandson's favorite, do you have any newer than Volume 3 so I can purchase it?-Joyce, Satisfied Customer

I watch it so much I was afraid I would wear it out. I will pass along the business info to my boss. He loved the trains one and is excited to get this next one. - Anoka, MN

Thanks. I appreciate it, and my son will too. He loved the Trains one, and is excited to get this next one.-Michael, MN

My grandsons (5 and 2+) love the Train and Fire Truck DVDs!!-Pearl, Satisfied Customer

We have a 3 year old boy that absolutely loves that folk song, "Lots and Lots of Trains Comin' 'Round the Bend and Heading Down the Track"!!-Mike, Satisfied Customer

My son LOVES the Trains DVD! He sings along to the song "Lots and Lots of Trains! Roaring down the rail going down the track...." There is footage of it going through snow, the Napa Valley, dropping a load of pipes (he yells OH NO). He watches it DAILY.-Mr. and Mrs. Pratt, Parents of Jackson, Train LOVER

We have 2 grandsons. They JUST turned 6 and 2 and LOVE your Lots and Lots of Trains! My husband and I like it very much too. The kids have to play it 3,4,5 times in a row when they are over. The kids are at that age that they love any trains, trucks and now the new thing ....Monster trucks. I know the new DVD's will be enjoyed over and over.-Karen & George and Family, Satisfied Customers

I played this for a young friend of mine this morning at breakfast, and she made me play it over and over and over and over and over and ... ;-)-YouTube Customer

Thanks for this video, my 4-year old son was screaming with excitement! :-D -YouTube Customer

I LOVE Lots and Lots of Trains!!! -YouTube Customer

My 2 year old watches this video over and over again for hours! He loves it. I taught him how to move the mouse and click replay when it's over. Love it!-YouTube Customer

My boys are entranced by this DVD. They are watching it now as I type this review. They sing the songs throughout the day and my 3 year old asks for it the moment he gets up. I am not kidding. Very kid friendly and fun. I have caught myself humming the "Lots and Lots of Trains" song many times so I guess that says something! :) We are not big TV or DVD watchers but this DVD is very enjoyable. I should know, I have watched and heard it about 100 times already in the past few months! It has led to many, many books on trains so we can understand what we see on the DVD. I only have good things to say about this DVD.-Amazon.com Customer

My son is only 14 months old and loves this DVD. The first time we watched it he stood in front of the TV and danced to the nonstop music. The music if very upbeat and fun. I even found myself singing the theme song days later.-A Customer

I ordered this DVD for my young grandchild. He watches it over and over. It's a fast-paced look at trains, old and new, from freight to passenger. I will order additional volumes in this series.-Happy Customer

I purchased this dvd for our 2 year old grandson for Christmas and we have played it over and over again. The video shows all types of trains in action and is set to music. We had an old educational train video that our grandson liked to watch, but was so corny that the rest of the family dreaded him asking to watch it. That is not the case with Lots and Lots of Trains - we all enjoy watching this video with him. It is fun to watch the trains and listen to the lively music. I highly recommend it for train lovers of all ages.-A Customer

My three kids love this video - they sing along with the songs and march around the house like a train engine and cars. They watch all three videos...I guess older people who like trains would like this, too.-A Customer

The video was wonderful and we watch it all the time. If you or your children love trains, this is the video for you.-A Customer

My 3 year old and 2 year old love trains. We have lots of Thomas the Tank Engine movies (which they love), but I was so happy to find something with "real trains" in it. They love watching this over and over and sing along to the music. It is a really neat movie that shows all different types of trains in lots of different settings. It is a great DVD for the train lover in your family.-A Customer

My 5 year old grandson loves this dvd. As soon as he walks in the door he asks to play it. I purchased two different ones and sent one home with him. This one stays at Nana's house. It gets more viewing than the Thomas dvds. He specifies that he wants to see the "real" trains.-Happy Mom

This is a great video for kids who love trains. My 4 year old and 1 1/2 love this DVD so much. I think the first week they must have watched it 20 times a day. It was great because it gave me free time to get things done.-A Happy Customer

My grandchildren (boys 5 and 3 years old) are absolutely crazy about them! They must ask 4 or 5 times a day if they can watch Lots and Lots of Trains again. So, if you've got train-crazy little ones, these are the DVDs for you.-A Customer

2 of my grandsons love this dvd. They love trains and this dvd shows several different ones and has great music they enjoy.- Customer

My boys love these DVD's (ages 3 & 5)! They are a bit obsessed with trains and even after a year of owning Lots and Lots of Trains Vol. 1 & 2 and Lots and Lots of Toy Trains, they still ask to watch them. We like them because there is not much talking - just music and trains... Although some adults may wonder what it is about these DVD's that holds kids' attention - it is not as flashy and not top of the line filming as most modern movies our kids are used to watching - but there is something about it that taps into the basic instinct of little boys (and girls!), as if they are sitting on the edge of railroad tracks just watching trains go by:) We have purchased Vol. 3 for Christmas and I'm sure they will love it just like the others. If your kids love trains then they will LOVE this series!!!-A Customer

My three kids love this video - they sing along with the songs and march around the house like a train engine and cars. They watch all three videos...I guess older people who like trains would like this, too.-A Happy Mom

My 3-year-old boy loves this movie. He loves all the music, sings the songs, and he loves the variety of trains they show. The short segments keep him entertained. I ordered volume 1 on VHS (used) and Vol. 2 on DVD, so I would have one for the computer and DVD player, and one that works in the VHS when the DVD gets scratched!!!-A Customer

All three of my kids love these videos. We first got Vol. 1 and 2 as VHS tapes (they were a gift), about 6 years ago (my oldest was just 18mos old). After going through 3 children now (my oldest is now 7 1/2 and I have a 5yo and 3yo), the tapes are worn out and we will get the DVDs.- Tom

We bought this DVD after falling in love with Lots and Lots of Trains: Vol. 1. Our son is only 1 year old, but can't get enough of the great footage of trains in these movies. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!- Customer

If you a train buff this is an extremely good video to own. It is well produced and will delight the little ones! It is money well spent.-A Train Nut


Toy Trains

My son is a Lots & Lots of Toy Trains Vol. 1 FANATIC!! He loves the songs and sings them even when it's not playing.-Satisfied Customer

I got the video and just finished viewing it. Fantastic. What a great collection of toy trains of all sizes and settings! Very impressive video.-Bob, Satisfied Customer

I watch it so much I was afraid I would wear it out!-Jay, Satisfied Customer

My son, now 4 1/2, has been enjoying The Alphabet Train video for two years. The footage is great and provides enough going-down-the-tracks imagery to satisfy him. We enjoy the narration, provided by an adult and children, and the words used for the alphabet are a cut above the usual selection. - Mom in Albuqurqe, New Mexico

My son is a Lots & Lots of Toy Trains Vol. 1 FANATIC!! He love the songs and sings them even when it's not playing. We're even having a clickety-clack themed birthday party:)-Nicole, Satisfied Customer

Awesome Toy Train video! I like the Thomas models, The Big Boy model, and the Hiawatha. Keep up the good work with your train videos! :)-YouTube Customer

The kids really enjoy the Toy Trains - even the ones that were classified as the 'old type' trains. They still enjoy them!-YouTube Customer

My 18 month old son wakes up every morning, runs to the PC, and asks me to put this video on. Thank you for sharing, it makes my son's day!!-YouTube Customer

Great video! I really enjoy Toy Trains!!-YouTube Customer

My grandson has ALL the train DVDs and this is his absolute favorite! Not annoying a bit, I actually enjoy sitting with him watching it. Songs are catchy and he sings them all day long (and I in my head the day through!). Highly recommended – Pat

This is the best Toy Train DVD on the market today and it is not available in stores. Unlike some of the other ones that have hokey narrators or kids talking, this one features lots of non-stop action from all gauges of model railroads and great sing-a-long songs from award-winning musician James Coffey. This Toy Train DVD makes a great gift for young and old alike. There's also Real Steam and Diesel Trains that are part of the Lots and Lots of series that feature music and non-stop action. If you have a child that's 3 years old or older or a child with autism, these dvds are guaranteed to become their most popular.[...] Just search for Lots and Lots of in the DVD category to see all the programs in the award-winning series!

We've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this second edition to the Lots & Lots of Toy Trains series and it's even better than the first! We love all the songs by musician James Coffey and unlike other Toy Train DVDs this one, like Vol. 1, has lots of different sized trains and themes so you're not stuck just watching Lionel trains. So, both young and old fans of all gauges of model railroads will enjoy watching this program.We watch this DVD over and over again! There are 2 Bonus Tracks - one with real live steam trains and a second with the highlights from the Twin Cities Model Railroad Museum in Minneapolis.Not just for the kids either - my father who's 72 loves to watch it too! We watch these and the other Lots & Lots of Trains DVDs (which have real trains in them) at parties also. The action and music are non-stop and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a present or to keep any 3 - 9 year old occupied. --Parent in Illinois

Posted on September 27, 2012 by KatBp -This Review/Giveaway is done by Kathy's Freebies & SavingsDo you love trains? Maybe you know someone who is interested in trains. I was able to review a few DVD's from the Lots & Lots of Toy Trains collection.These DVD's are great for anyone who loves all different kinds of trains. The videos show multiple trains and even has some catchy music. I found the music to be very entertaining. I'm not to interested in trains but these videos were very fun to watch. They showed so many different types of trains. It was very interesting and I loved to see all the types of trains. Some of them were very beautiful and some were old-fashioned but they were amazing.The music really got me interested in all the videos. I still get the songs stuck in my head and start singing them every now and then. My kids are very young and they enjoyed these videos as well. I never thought my children would sit down and watch parts of these videos. They were dancing along with the music from the video as well. They also have other types of videos. Some others are about trucks, planes, space, and more.If you or someone you know love trains then these would be great videos for you. Even though I've never been in to trains, I still really enjoyed the videos. They had so many great trains and the music was very catchy. I never thought I would be able to sit down through one of these movies! I loved every minute of them.Disclosure: I received these videos in exchange for a review. My opinions are my own and may differ from yours.

Posted on 10/18/12 by Week99er -We have a little conductor in our family - if there is a train to be found, he will find it! He loves anything and everything about trains, and will tell you about them. The only thing better than playing with trains is watching them. So when Marshall Publishing sent me Lots & Lots of Toy Trains on DVD to watch and review, we snuggled up and watched both discs in one afternoon!The two disc set is filled with toy trains to professional train sets. Not only did my nephew enjoy watching and pointing out the diesel trains, but the fun child themed trains. He loved watching each and every train as it went by, but really enjoyed the songs like Alphabet Train.The DVD set is mostly geared towards young train lovers, but we all found ourselves enjoying the trains and the different types they featured on the DVD. My nephew is a third generation train set lover. My dad and I both had sets when we were kids too, although no where near as many sets as he already has!This is a really fun DVD set and it comes with the CD soundtrack as well. We really enjoyed the collection. It's fun for all ages!Lots & Lots of Trains is part of a larger set of Lots & Lots series. You can use the promo code: BLG47 to get Free Shipping on anything on their site!Review by: www.week99er.com a blog focusing on deals, product reviews, freebies and giveaways.



I recently bought "Lots and Lots of Trucks" 1 & 2 for my 2 year old little man, and he's absolutely nuts about them! He's watched both videos every day for the last two weeks sometime 2-3 times a day, certainly as often as we'll let him, and shows no sign of slowing down. It's a hit! These videos are his favorite things on TV - bar none. I'm impressed with the quality, especiallythe music and I would easily recommend these to parents looking for quality educational DVD programs for their little ones. I would only add a continuous play feature to the discs. Let me know when 3 & 4 are coming!-Joshua, Satisfied Customer

My son checked out Lots and Lots of Trucks from our local library over and over and over. He can't seem to get enough, so I thought I would purchase the set for him for Christmas. I am also thinking of purchasing Lots and Lots of Jets and Planes.-Satisfied Customer

Hello Marshall Publishing, We've been happy customers of both "Lots and Lots of Trucks" (Vol. 1 and 2) ... and "Lots and lots of Fire trucks" (again Vol. 1 and 2). Our son enjoys watching said videos over and over. ^_^ -Smilingly Satisfied Customer

Thank God for this video! Thank you! We (me and my son) missed the garbage truck this morning. ;)-Satisfied Customer

Thanks -we did receive them. We also really like the Lots and Lots of Trucks videos with all city vehicles for our 4 year old!-Amanda, MN

Hi, my son checked out Lots and Lots of Trucks from our local library over and over and over. He can't seem to get enough so I thought I would purchase the set for him for Christmas. I am also thinking of purchasing Lots and Lots of Jets and Planes!!-Heather, Satisfied Customer

We've been happy customers of both "Lots and Lots of Trucks" (Vol. 1 and 2) ... and "Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks" (Vol. 1 and 2). Our son enjoys watching said videos over and over. ^_^-Michael, Smiling Customer

I bought this for my Grandfather AND my son. They both love it!!-YouTube Customer

I bought this for my son who is only 9 months but seems to be interested in anything with wheels. He loves this DVD. And my husband loves watching it with him too!-A Customer

My two year old absolutely LOVES this DVD. He will sit and watch the entire thing, allowing me to get something done in the house without him following me around and wanted to "help" with everything I do. It is a fast paced dvd with many different video clips so he doesn't get bored with any one thing like he does with other videos. I'm very happy with it and plan on getting more dvds from the lots and lots series!

I bought this video with two others for my son. This one is by far his favorite. He loves the songs & they're not even that obnoxious for the grownups of the house to listen to over & over again. I'm seriously considering buying other videos from the Lots & lots series. Well worth the money!-A Very Satisfied Customer

This is a fantastic little video (about a half hour) for the toddler boy! We got it on Amazon Instant, and it is my son's very favorite thing to watch. Being a 2-year-old boy, he is all about trucks. Mama likes it on those days when I need a half hour to finish a task without a whiny toddler.The music is mostly terrific and catchy. (I'm a music teacher, so I appreciate it when I hear well-done, non-irritating music for kids.) You can listen to the main song on youtube and tell me if it isn't the catchiest thing (at least for a two-year-old boy) you've ever heard. I've had the "Lots and Lots of Trucks" theme song stuck in my head for going on 72 hours now. You're welcome.This has the title part about trucks, a part about tractors, a part about snowplows, and my son's favorite, the part about "Bigfoot, King of the Monster Trucks." (My son, the budding redneck...) Plus many more. By Holly on October 4, 2014Format: Amazon Instant Video Verified Purchase

My almost 3-year old son picked this DVD out at the library and has watched it daily. The DVD comprises of video clips of various trucks on the road. Each truck group has its own song - which is a catchy, rock kind of a song. It holds the attention of my son and my 5-year old daughter. Great way for your little truck lover to get his or her fill of trucks!-A Happy Mother

I was very pleased...my nephew, who has autism, loved the dvd so much he danced through the whole thing!- Customer

I bought this truck DVD for my grandsons for Christmas. They can't take their eyes off it. They love it!

My two boys are 1 and 4. They absolutely go crazy for this truck video.The music, film footage and variety of trucks are great. It gets them up at the crack of dawn asking to watch it, over and over again! The length of the video is perfect- definitely worth it!I also own most other DVD's in the lots and lots series and recommend the entire collection. Fire Trucks, Trains, and even the Penguins! I can't wait for the second in this set.-Happy Customer


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Ruth Harris, Owner, songsforteaching.com"Now that Songs for Teaching is becoming a huge site, I'm getting even pickier about the songs I select, but I really, really enjoy yours! I appreciate their high musical quality, as well as the humor and educational value."

Bridget Brown, Parent"We attended your concert at Flint Youth Theatre. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon for my daughters. You truly have a gift, and I am thrilled that you are following your "calling". The positive impact you have on children is tremendous and needed in this day and age."

Tonya Blackgrove, Pre-school Teacher"I saw your concert at the Indiana Association of Educators of Young Children. You were fantastic! My preschool kids love your music."

Billy Collins. Poet Laureate"I enjoyed listening and I know two little girls who will enjoy it as well."

Susan Hague, Kindergarten Teacher"We love your music! I took it on our family vacation and my daughter and her cousins loved it! I can hardly wait to start using your tape in my classroom!"

Madeleine L'Engle, Author" I truly enjoyed listening…"

Mimi Darmody, Teacher"I am a Kindergarten teacher…I am so pleased James Coffey makes such great songs that my students love so much, and I enjoy listening too."

Amazon.com Parent from Eden Prairie, MN"I have two kids who love this music. My son tells me to stop talking and turn up the volume when we listen. They love to get their instruments out and play along."

Gloria McDonald, Parent"May I tell you your music is a HUGE HIT with my daughter…she wanted it played over and over and over…"

Doris Alveres, Parent"Just a note to tell you how much my 4 year old son enjoys your music. Nothing else compares!"

Sheila Morris, Parent"Our son is a huge fan of your music. As a mom who has to listen to the same children's songs over and over, it is a thrill to find music that my son and I can both enjoy!"


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Thank you for sending my order so quickly! My grandson was so surprised to receive it! Your product is wonderful and teaches the children very useful information.- Jo-Ann, CA

Thank you very much for your quick response, explanation, and kind gesture. I was just watching your YouTube video – for about the 50th time – with my 2 year old (who loves it), so I thought I would order this DVD for him for his upcoming birthday.After we view Vols. 1 and 2, I am happy to provide some feedback. I expect both to be excellent – as is your YouTube short video! Thanks again for your great service and clarifications!-Steve, Satisfied Customer

Thank you for your prompt reply - you have made my boy very happy. Thank you and keep up the great products.-Adrian from Australia

We are writing today to thank you for your time in resolving our issue with our order. We did receive the additional DVD's as well as the bonus CD. It was appreciated very much by us all. Our son absolutely loves the videos as well as the CD. We will continue to purchase items fromMarshall Publishing, as well as recommend your business to family and friends. Thank you again for your time and concern.-Ben and Jennifer

I have received the DVD that I ordered. Thank you so much. I will definitely shop with you again. –Barbara, Satisfied Customer

Thank you so much for helping me so quickly. My grandson does love these so!-Bonnie

Lots of cool videos and more - about trains, fire trucks, monster trucks, etc. Worked great on our recent road-trip!Debby, Mikey (14), Lily (11)

WOW--thank you! I really can't tell you how much he has watched your video--he justLOVES it! Thank you so much for the very kind gift--amazing company with amazing people!!-Very Satisfied Customer

Thank you for the quick reply!-Ellen, Satisfied Customer

Excellent quality DVDs, fast 2-day service, we're completely satisfied!-Scot, CA

I don't know how you do it, but I couldn't find a lower price! You do what you say, your price is right and the follow-up was refreshing.-Dave, TX

Copied, printed, and sleeved 1,000 CDs in two days. That's fast.-Harry, CA

It's a family operation, nice people, they really care!-Satisfied Customer

We order in bulk because of the free shipping!Thank you SO much for your quick, kind response. You have helped VERY much and I so appreciate your good service.-Frances, Satisfied Customer

I've ordered many, many DVDs from your company in the past and the kids have loved them. Nice doing business with you and I'm sure I'll be doing more.-Linda, NY

I just wanted to say that your company handles business matters great and I look forward to being a customer for a long time.-Lisa, PA

This is absolutely outstanding customer service! It is above and beyond good customer service, it's taking an extra step to make sure a customer is satisfied. I would whole-heartedly like to express my gratitude. Thank you very much. You made my little boy so happy.I will continue to purchase from Marshall Publishing because I am fully satisfied with the products and I absolutely know that everyone there puts the customer first.-Mike, IL

I was so thrilled to receive my order today. It was great to get it so fast. I am going to bring the flyer to work and tell everyone with kids about it.-Karen & George, Satisfied Customers


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LOTS AND LOTS OF TRAINS - SONGS FOR KIDS(2014) 60 min. DVD: $14.95 ($19.95 w/PPR). Marshall Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-936134-34-2.VIDEO LIBRARIAN *** Three Stars! March - April 2015 (Volume 30, Issue 2)Many are already familiar with the work of James Coffey—the singer-songwriter behind several video programs from Marshall Publishing featuring small- and large-scale vehicles—whose talent for writing catchy kids’ tunes (all with an upbeat folk feel) is well represented in the company’s popular series’ on trains. In a way, this release could be called James Coffey’s Greatest Train Song Hits. Among the selections are Coffey’s “Lots and Lots of Toy Trains,” “I’m An Engineer,” “Counting Those Railroad Cars,” and more, as well as covers of traditional favorites such as “Rock Island Line,” “Comin’ Round the Mountain,” and “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.” All of these are set to some fine train eye candy, with the spotlight on amazing model layouts (with multiple location and scenery themes) that emphasize incredible detail, all shot from various camera angles. Featuring nearly two dozen tunes, this is recommended. Aud: P. (C. Block)

MONSTER TRUCK CLASSICS - BATTLE, WAR AND RETURN OF THE MONSTER TRUCKS 3 DVD SET over 90 Minutes $19.95 (c) 2008 Creative One,Inc. Re-mastered and now distributed by Marshall Publishing and Promotions,Inc. -Reviewed by Steven Diggs, Jr. Geek Lifestyle Examiner"Monster Truck Classics" relives monster truck's simpler timesBesides big hair, neon colors and "Transformers," monster trucks are a part of the popular culture of the 1980s. What helped make these 4X4s on steroids become the car-crunching phenomenon that it is are three videos, "Battle of the Monster Trucks," "Return of the Monster Trucks" and "War of the Monster Trucks." All three videos are included in the three-disc set "Monster Truck Classics" released by Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc..These videos show the crazy, we'll show anything attitude that the 1980s was known for. Jan Gabriel, producer and host of all three monster truck videos, helped create these videos. If it was not for him, monster trucks would probably not be as big as they are today.All three videos cover events held by the United States Hot Rod Association (USHRA), which still holds monster truck events as, the biggest monster truck touring circuit in the world.The first video, "Battle of the Monster Trucks," covers more than just Bigfoot, USA-1 and the other monsters. It also talks about tractor pulls and funny car pulls among other vehicles. Gabriel and actor Claude Akins covered the events. Gabriel seems very enthusiastic and genuine while Akins seems to be reading off a teleprompter. He got better in the second video, however, providing an excellent description on what made 1980s monster trucking amazing. He says "it's drag racing and demolition derby all in one." Never heard it described better.The second and third videos, "Return of the Monster Trucks" and "War of the Monster Trucks," focus almost exclusively on monster trucks. In "Return," a cool event happens where the trucks start off pulling a sled, then drive over a huge dirt mound, then cars and finally end by going mud bogging. This needs to come back as it shows the versatility of these behemoths. Besides showing car crunches, other monster truck events are shown such as monster truck boat racing. You read that correctly. Since these monsters have large tires full of air, they float. Besides seeing these big boys float, Bob Chandler, the father of monster trucks with Bigfoot, showed off Bigfoot #4, a truck with tires bigger than houses! Freestyle, one of the featured events in modern monster truck events that is similar to a freestyle motocross event, makes a rare early appearance in "War."The stellar 80s synth music, seeing a young, energetic Jack Arute and watching monster truck events in their infancy make these videos worth watching. For old videos that are nearly forgotten and over 20 years ago, the image quality is very good and better than many mainstream releases. If you love monster trucks or have small children who do, show them "Monster Truck Classics" as it will open eyes as to what monster trucks are capable of.- Steven Diggs, October 2011


Lots & Lots of Roaring Rockets ***1/2(2014) 90 min. DVD: $14.95 ($19.95 w/PPR). Marshall Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-936134-30-45.Following the mold of other offerings in the Lots & Lots series, this release serves up a capsule history of rockets, space flight, and exploration. Featuring the usual winning elements (strong visuals accompanied by original music and cover songs from James Coffey), Lots & Lots of Roaring Rockets touches on everything from hobby-kit models launched in backyards around the world, to the (much) bigger vehicles used in the exploration of deep space. Viewers will see archival footage of early unmanned flights into orbit and beyond, moon shots (Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions), space shuttles, the International Space Station, the X-15 rocket-powered airplane, and more. The jet-fueled fun is augmented with informative science ranging from a guide to the solar system to an overview of the physics of space flight. Roaring Rockets also acknowledges some of the human tragedies that have been part of the story. Offering a solid combination of information and entertainment that should appeal to younger viewers, this is highly recommended. Aud: P. (C. Block)-September/October 2014 (Volume 29, Issue 5)


A Few Appropriate Remarks: Lincoln at Gettysburg(2000) 34 min. $24.95 Kaw Valley Films & Video Re-mastered and now distributed by Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc. Color Cover. LENGTH: 50 minutes ISBN:978-1-9636134-14-4 UPC:1-936134-14-4Abraham Lincoln was widely known for his sense of humor, so when it came time for the National Cemetery at Gettysburg to be dedicated, organizers specifically asked Lincoln for "a few...appropriate...remarks." In fact, Lincoln was not even the featured speaker; Edward Everett, a former president of Harvard, orated for over two hours. Yet it was Lincoln's stirring ten-sentence Gettsyburg Address that has been remembered and repeated throughout the years, making it the most famous speech in American history. While this visually-pleasing video looks at both the speech and the battle that inspired it, the scripting is likely to confuse the youngest viewers that the producers hoped to reach (fourth grade and up). For instance, after offering a biography of Lincoln up to the time of the beginning of the Civil War, the storyline jumps backward to examine the issue of slavery at the nation's founding, carrying forward through the Missouri Compromise, Kansas-Nebraska Act and "Bloody Kansas" period, before jumping to 1862 and Lee's march north to Antietam, followed by a review of the Battle of Gettysburg. Elementary and junior high schools should pass (although elementary schools should consider Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln [VL-3/00]), but this is recommended for high school and college classes that can follow the chronology, and enthusiastically recommended for public libraries with robust history collections. Aud: H, C, P. (R. Reagan)


Video Librarian Magazine April 1992 (Vol. 7, Issue 2)"We Proceeded On...": The Expedition Of Lewis And Clark, 1804-1806 (1991)- Re-Mastered 2010 32 m. $24.95 Kaw Valley Films & Video now distributed by Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc. Color Cover. Public performance rights included.Two of America's most famous hikers ,are profiled in this new documentary on the travels of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Following the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 (a.k.a. the best real estate deal ever made in America), President Jefferson appointed Captain Meriwether Lewis to embark on an exploratory expedition of the newly bought lands west of the Mississippi. Starting from St. Louis on May 14, 1804, Lewis & Clark, along with the Corps of Discovery (the expeditionary group) embarked on a journey which would last more than two years. Combining dramatic reconstructions of events on the Journey with narration (including entries from Lewis's journals), "We Proceeded On..." depicts the heroic journey of the explorers as they traversed the virgin land, encountering barriers both natural (mountains, water) and human (namely, hostile Indian tribes). In dealing with the latter, the boys were aided considerably by Sacajawea. All in all, the trip encompassed some 8,000 miles, and the Corps of Discovery encountered some 50 Indian tribes, and recorded information on hundreds of new animal and plant species, in addition to mapping the territory. An excellent program. Highly recommended


Lots & Lots of Monster Trucks, Vol. 2 ***1/2(2012) 60 min. DVD: $12.95 ($19.95 w/PPR). Marshall Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-936134-24-3.Video Librarian May/June 2013 (Volume 28, Issue 3)Watching this monster truck program is like seeing Hot Wheels cars come to life: a parade of huge vehicles sporting outrageous paint jobs, suspension setups that look like high-tech Tinker Toys, and 66-inch tires that are taller than most pickups. Of course, crashes are part of the package at monster truck shows, as these extremely bouncy behemoths hurl off obstacles such as ramps, dirt piles, and other trucks (naturally, the drivers wear helmets and armor, emerging safe and sound, ready to drive another day). Viewers will also witness the "wrecker" process—i.e., getting the trucks turned back upright and sometimes towed away. Providing a bit of variety, the production also gives some air time to stunt motorcyclists catching air over huge jumps, often doing tricks and twists (including handstands on the handlebars, 360-degree spins, and other jaw-dropping maneuvers), and captures some four-wheeler racing, with Baja-style trucks bustin' through the desert. Set to a hard-driving soundtrack, this bit of action eye-candy is sure to please young motor enthusiasts—and some parents as well. Highly recommended. Aud: P. (C. Block)


VIDEO LIBRARIAN March/April 2011 (Volume 26, Issue 2)Lots & Lots of Jets and Planes, Vol. 1: Thunder in the Skies!(2010) 100 min. DVD: $12.95 ($14.95 w/PPR). Marshall Publishing (avail. from most distributors). PPR. ISBN: 978-1-936134-04-5.Talk about truth in titling! This children's program features exactly what its name suggests: nonstop aerial action. The focus here is on the remarkable beauty of a plane in flight, whether it's the awesome power of the F-series fighters (no weapons are fired or displayed) climbing to the heavens, the acrobatics of a prop-driven bi-wing in the hands of a stunt pilot, or the space shuttle riding piggyback on a Boeing 747. Young viewers board an aircraft carrier, marvel at precision military teams flying only feet away from each other's wings, watch as planes soar upward before taking death-defying drops to earth (with the pilot pulling up at the very last minute), and visit the USAF National Air Museum. Also featuring original songs by James Coffey, DVD extras include archival footage celebrating the first 50 years of aviation. The other titles in the series are Volume 2: Adventures in the Air and Volume 3: Jumbo Jets in Action. Recommended. Aud: P. (C. Block)


Dove Worldview: Lots & Lots of Playful PenguinsAdults, this is a film that you will want your children to see and probably will watch yourself. It is very informative and fun to watch. P.J. Penguin and Animated Penguin will be your host. From an egg to the adult you will see penguins everywhere doing everything. You will learn many facts along the way. Did you know the Emperor is the largest of all penguins? How about the smallest being the Little Blue penguins? The Galapagos are the rarest, the Gentoo are the fastest swimming, the macaroni are the most popular and the king can dive to 700 Feet!!You will see and watch and learn about many other penguins such as the Adelie, African, Chin Strap, Fiordland and Erect crested penguins and many more. I found myself interested in the facts and my children just wanted to see the penguins play. The children will also like the animated dancing penguins and hey, they almost got me dancing with them! In the bonus section you will get to see scenes of birds, polar bears, other marine animals and a penguin cartoon. There is a small amount of cartoon violence. Overall this was a very good program for the children and the whole family and therefore we award our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal to this film. - Dana Lanworthy

Video Librarian Magazine May/June 2008 (Volume 23, Issue 3)Lots & Lots of Playful Penguins(2007) 75 min. DVD: $19.95 ($24.95 w/PPR from www.marshallpub.com). Marshall Publishing (avail. from most distributors). PPR. ISBN: 978-0-9789286-4-3.Thanks to Happy Feet, March of the Penguins, and Surf's Up, the world's coolest birds are now a hot topic with the under-12 set. This nonfiction look at the 17 species of penguins (including the emperor, king, and rockhopper) focuses on distinguishing characteristics (such as various calls), habitats, and whether or not each species is endangered or threatened. The program opens with an animated music video called "Party Like a Penguin" (which delighted both my four- and seven-year-old sons), while additional chapters include "Penguins at the Shedd" (a visit to the titular aquarium) and "Penguin Rag" (which features silly background music and lots of special effects—fast-motion waddling, repeated funny moves, etc.). Recommended. Aud: K, E, P. (R. Reagan)


VIDEO LIBRARIAN MAGAZINE July/August 2012 (Volume 27, Issue 4)Lots & Lots of Big Trains, Vol. 1(2012) 60 min. DVD: $12.95 ($14.95 w/PPR). Marshall Publishing. PPR. ISBN: 978-1-936134-26-7.This lovefest for real locomotives is beautifully shot in a widescreen format with vivid colors that imbue the subject matter with an almost three-dimensional quality. In sequences devoted to older steam trains, viewers see giant engines in their original landscapes, including the American West, rainy England, and even South Africa. As a result the program plays a bit like a travelogue. Modern diesel versions are also featured, often in their daily workhorse role of moving tons of cargo across countries throughout the world. The program offers two viewing options—one with music and live sound (such as blasting air horns and shrill steam whistles), and the other without the musical soundtrack (neither features narration). Youngsters will probably prefer the first version, which includes several catchy songs, while train buffs might like to hear the "titans of the track" au natural. DVD extras include a narrated demonstration of how steam and diesel fuel create the power needed to fire up the two different kinds of engines. Highly recommended. Aud: P. (C. Block)


Video Librarian Magazine November/December 2009(Volume 24, Issue 6)Lots & Lots of Toy Trains,Volume 1 (2009) 80 min. DVD: $14.95. Marshall Publishing (avail. from most distributors). PPR. ISBN: 978-0-9814909-3-9.The title says it all: here, viewers will find toy trains (lots & lots!) brought to larger-than-life action on detailed dioramas (award-winning, in some cases) in this eye-candy compilation for model train lovers of all ages. Divided into thematic sections, the "Halloween" segment features miniature trains haulin' brains amidst spooky electronic lighting; "Garden Railway" boasts real rocks, brush, and other plants in its garden-themed layout; and "Choo Choo Trains" follows little steamers (with "steam" pouring out of the stacks for added authenticity). Also spotlighted are "Christmas Trains," "Circus Trains," and "Funny Trains." Although narration-less, the program does incorporate winning music by James Coffey, including the sing-along songs "Counting Those Toy Trains" and "Landmarks of America." DVD extras include bonus footage of full-sized functioning steam trains from around the world. Recommended. Aud: P. (C. Block)


Product Review: Lots and Lots of Trains 2 DVD Set (Fun for All Ages)by mommasbacon on July 5, 2012 Media Fun for Everyone! Award-Winning DVDs, CDs and BooksI grew up around trains and train tracks combined with my grandfather's long-spanned career and subsequent stories I heard about the B&O railroad has given me a particular fondness for these transportation vehicles. My husband and I, who spent our formative years in the same small SE Ohio city, reminisce about following train tracks and jumping off the old out-of-service train bridge into the Muskingum River as kids.We still take opportunities to view and ride trains and on our last anniversary we took a historic railroad ride on a vintage passenger car through central Texas. It really is no surprise to us that our daughter has found my children's books on trains particularly fascinating. My voice inflections for the train's bells, whistles and the 'chugga-chugga choo-choo' sound of the old steam engines give my daughter the giggles. She immediately likes to say, "Again ,puh-lease!" as soon as I finish a book like Pano the Train and I almost always comply. Bob was thrilled when he saw the LOTS and LOTS of Trains 2 DVD set for Brooke and I think he wanted it for him, too!This Parent's Choice and Kid's First Award-Winning Series about trains was a purchase request by Brooke's daddy who thought the videos showing real trains in this awesome series would help calm her major obsession with trains. The DVDs are all about trains and I mean it when I say 'all'. On the first DVD "Smokin' Steam & Diesel" you will see over 300 types of trains from all around the world including steam, diesel, freight and passenger trains and even toy and trolley trains. The shots are up close providing thrilling footage for the whole family and includes a wonderful soundtrack of trains in action combined with award-winning music by James Coffey. On the second DVD, "Thunder on the Tracks!" you will see love action shots of a variety of trains barreling up and down the tracks. Your kids will love to see and feel part of the action and if they are train enthusiasts like our family, these videos will be watched again and again. All Aboard!• First DVD: "Smokin' Steam & Diesel" Volume 1 Length: 45 Minutes• Second DVD: "Thunder on the Tracks!" Volume 2 Length: 45 Minutes• Lots and Lots of Trains Bonus Audio CD with 5 thrilling Train Themed Songs (Be sure to check out 'Legends of the Rails'!)


Dove Worldview:Like the wonderful "Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks" videos, this book will be enjoyed by many. It is a true informational book about the great men and women of the fire department. It is filled with fantastic illustrations of fires, firefighters, and the equipment used in this line of work plus many other interesting photos. Along with the pictures, this book has facts, fire safety tips, firehouse recipes and history. It also contains the Fireman's Prayer, Ten Commandments for the Firefighter, and the Old Time Firefighters Alphabet.This is an amazing educational book about this courageous job. It is definitely a book for the entire family. We proudly award the Dove "Family-Approved" Seal to this book, "Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks and Firefighters".Reviewer - Donna Rolfe


Video Librarian Magazine January/February 2009(Volume 24, Issue 1)Lots & Lots of Fire Songs & Safety Tips(2008) 30 min. DVD: $19.95 ($24.95 w/PPR from www.marshallpub.com). Marshall Publishing (avail. from most distributors). PPR. ISBN: 978-0-9814909-2-2.Also produced by Marshall Publications, Lots & Lots of Fire Songs & Safety Tips includes a 12-minute "classroom section"—suitable for schools and daycare centers as well as public library viewers—designed to be shown in class or on firehouse field trips that provides basic information about fire safety for children. In addition, the program features firefighting footage set to original music by Coffey in tunes such as "Heroes Brave and Tall," as well as the fun segment "How To Build a Fire Truck," which offers a time-lapse look at the creation of a new vehicle at the Pierce fire truck factory. Presenting important information in an eye-catching, toe-tapping production sure to appeal to kids, this is definitely recommended. Aud: K, E, P. (R. Reagan)

SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY - Memorable Moments of the 20th Century

March/April 2014 (Volume 29, Issue 2)Sweet Land of Liberty ***1/2(2013) 70 min. DVD: $14.95 ($19.95 w/PPR). Marshall Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-936134-20-5.Subtitled Memorable Moments in American History—The 20th Century, this program presents pivotal issues and events in short segments featuring archival footage and photos, audio clips, animation, and narration. In the section charting the course of civil rights in America (starting in the 1900s and ending in the 1960s), for example, the film effectively describes how the lasting impact of slavery and the Civil War created an environment that led to flashpoints—the KKK, Plessy v. Ferguson, Jim Crow laws, the murder of Emmett Till, and the bravery of Rosa Parks, among others—which eventually sparked the mid-century Civil Rights Movement. The excellent writing and strong visuals deliver a powerful punch, while the content covers more than just milestones and major personalities, providing a broader cultural context. For instance, the chapter on “The Great Depression & Recovery” mentions the expansion of radio in the 1930s, as well as more familiar elements such as FDR’s New Deal; and the advent of TV, the 3D movie craze, and UFOs receive mention in the segment titled “Suburbia & Levittown.” Other topics covered here include “The Atomic Solution,” “The Space Race,” and “The Cold War.” Serving up a well-executed historical outline, this is highly recommended. Aud: J, H, P. (C. Block)


Video Librarian Magazine September/October 2009 (Volume 24, Issue 5)Lots & Lots of High Speed Racers, Vol. 1(2009) 60 min. DVD: $14.95. Marshall Publishing (avail. from most distributors). PPR. ISBN: 978-0-9814909-8-4.The first volume of Lots & Lots of High Speed Racers, a collection of all-killer-and-no-filler motorsports action, elicited "oh"s, "ah"s, and "yow!"s from both me and my 13-year-old son, although my wife and 10-year-old daughter were wondering why purportedly sane people would strap themselves into some of these contraptions, let alone push them up to 200 mph and beyond. The vehicles here run the gamut: hot boats (including hydroplanes), top fuel dragsters (with some exploding engines), stock cars, midget racers, dirt-hill climbing trucks (with scoops for wheels), monster trucks crushing piles of cars destined for the junkyard, demolition derby action, and even cars powered by jet engines from decommissioned World War II aircraft. Although there are plenty of "thrills and spills," not all of the action is on land and sea; indeed, some of the most amazing displays of speed, precision, and nerves of steel hail from demonstrations by the Blue Angels and the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. Recommended. Aud: P. (C. Block)


Dove Worldview:Children will love this film with trucks galore in it. It is quite interesting seeing the different types of vehicles. From bulldozers to dump trucks, crane trucks to pavement trucks, semi truck, plow trucks, tractors and graders. Some of my favorites are the lumbering equipment, the monster truck "Bigfoot", mining equipment and radio controlled toy trucks. There are many more styles and types of trucks too numerous to mention. You will also get to hear songs along the way.There is some crushing of other cars by Bigfoot, but not anything I would worry about young minds getting the wrong idea about. The program keeps moving pretty fast so I believe your child will want to watch it over and over if they are into playing with those kinds of toys. With nothing at all in our Dove content rating to be concerned about, we award our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal to this film. - Reviewer, Dana Langworthy

Video Librarian Magazine January/February 2009(Volume 24, Issue 1)Lots & Lots of TrucksVol. 1: Hard-Workin' Trucks!(2007) 40 min. DVD: $12.95 ($14.95 w/PPR from www.marshallpub.com). Marshall Publishing (avail. from most distributors). ISBN: 978-0-9789286-8-1."Big trucks, little trucks, diesel, freight, and firefighting trucks, even trucks that blow through snow! Old trucks, new trucks, fast trucks, slow trucks, smokin' trucks, even trucks down on the farm. Plus diggers, dozers, dumpers, and much, much more!" True to its title, Lots & Lots of Trucks also features footage of mail trucks, tow trucks, forklifts, cement mixing trucks, feller bunchers, utility trucks, and garbage trucks. Combining nice sharp footage of various shiny clean rigs against cloudless blue skies and original music by James Coffey, this fun production incorporates shots from the cab and over the wheel that give children the feeling that they're riding along. I can't speak for little girls, but my five- and eight-year old sons adore this DVD, which—given its perennial kid appeal—should be a must-buy for children's collections. Highly recommended. [Note: also newly available is Lots & Lots of Monster Trucks, Vol. 1.] Aud: P.


Special Needs Customers

I came to your website looking for information on purchasing your train videos. I found the second comment (Great for kids with autism) interesting because the young man who brought me to the site is my 18 year old autistic son who borrowed the dvd from the library. Since he has had it in his possession, he has watched it on average of twice a day for the past 3 weeks! He enjoys it so much and seems so happy while watching all the trains pass by on his TV. Because of this, we are going to have to get him his own copy soon! Thanks for your obviously entertaining DVD's. - Deena, Satisfied Customer

My son sang the I Love Toy Trains Song as a Toddler, and he is Asberger/Autism. Just thought you might like to know you helped with a little therapy.-Thankful Parent

I just wanted to thank you for publishing the DVD "Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks". I am raising my grandson, Kirk, and his favorite thing in the world is Fire Trucks. He's only 26 months old and can name the different kinds of trucks. He is at this moment watching the DVD again (he wants to watch it every day). Nothing else captivates him like Disk 1 of this set. The narrator does a fantastic job of "talking" to young children. Kirk suffers from Dandy-Walker Malformation and faces many challenges, so it is a joy to watch him enjoy something so much.-Jeanne, Satisfied Customer

My 7 year old son has autism and loves to watch your shows. He loves your Monster truck and Fire Truck series. My 3 year old son is ADDICTED to your Train series--we are buying it for his birthday. Thanks for a wonderful product.-Shannon, Satisfied Customer

About a year ago I purchased Lots and Lots of Trains Vol.1 and 2 for my (at the time 2 yrs. old) autistic son. He loved those DVDs so much that it was the only way I could get him to settle down for bed at night. Unfortunately, he managed to get a hold of them and scratched them sobadly that only part of volume 1 works. But I still have to play it for him every night (skipping and all). I will be purchasing them again within the next few weeks for his third birthday. I just wanted to say that you are geniuses for creating the Lots and Lots of Trains series. I will definitely be a repeat customer.-Terri, ME

I was very pleased...my nephew, who has autism, loved the DVD (Lots and Lots of Trucks) so much he danced through the whole thing!-Amazed Customer


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Marshall Publishing Trucks DVDs {Review}February 19, 2013 By Camille 1 CommentHe fought it. It wasn't Blue's Clues, so he was skeptical of it being anything good, but within 5 seconds, he was hooked. Line and sinker. "Rocket" was completely entranced by a DVD of all sorts of trucks doing fantastic things. This DVD, appropriately called "Lots and Lots of Trucks" has since become the favorite movie of choice around here, thank you Marshall Publishing!The moment you turn on one of these DVD's, you are greeted with catchy music that instantly captures the attention of any toddler. They are quick paced, spending only a few seconds on each frame. Each DVD is just as friendly and happy as the last!The first DVD we watched was Lots and Lots of Trucks, and just like the title says, it was filled with lots and lots and LOTS of trucks! What an extensive amount of never-repeating footage of trucks doing all sorts of things, in a huge variety of different locations. It is such a buffet of visuals, and very entrancing!And just as I thought no video would replace the awesomeness of the Trucks DVD, "Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks" was just as fantastic. These movies have just the right amount of dialogue–not too much talking to bore little kids. We really liked the friendly fireman on the fire trucks DVD. There is sure an extensive collection of footage! These clips were not filmed in a single day. They span thousands of miles and easily over a hundred different vehicles doing all sorts of things. There are great sound affects and fun slide transitions from video clip to video clip. I tell you, these are so entertaining!Last, we enjoyed some Lots and Lots of Monster trucks. Pretty exciting stuff! Very impressive monsters. The Monster Truck Classics DVD is probably suited for ages 3 or 4+, as there is more dialogue throughout, and not the same catchy tunes in the background as the other DVDs. The feature includes history about how monster trucks came to be and interviews with the truck drivers/builders. It is evident that it was filmed within the last 25 years, but the title is "classics", after all, which make them timeless! My boy was still enthralled, even with the host commentators narrating the show instead of catchy songs in the background. Most of the action takes place in superdomes and stadiums across North America and Australia. The mud run races were pretty great, and I must say I've never seen something quite like it! Near the end is a visit to see the world's biggest truck at the time, and the car show at the end was fun. It concludes with some impressive drag racing, for a total of appox. 3 hours among the three programs.The real cherry on top was the two CDs included in this set of videos. My boy squealed in delight when it turned it on in the car after he had watched the videos inside. He clapped to the music of "Lots and lots of fire trucks", and I am just SO relieved to be listening to something other than animal songs! Great sound, the words are clear, and the voices are fun to sing along with.So what do I think? I think you have a little boy who is at all into trucks, fire trucks, monster cars, jets, planes, trains, or moving things in general, these are terrific DVDs for your child's collection. They are eye-candy for a busy little mind who love to watch things that go! And a two-DVD set for $19.95 is pretty dandy. Especially because these are not available in stores. These would make great birthday gifts!And I just got a sweet tip to keep checking their website for new arrivals this summer – Lots of Roaring Rockets and Alphabet and Counting Songs! How fun!Connect with Marshall Publishing!Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks, Big Trains, Toy Trains every boys dreams!!MARCH 8, 2013 by Woman of Many Roles.com ReviewsMy son, Bryson, LOVES anything that has four wheels! He is a very curious little boy too. I will never forget the story my husband told me after he return from filling up the bus my son. Bryson was asking him why are their two different tanks and how come he wasn't using this one. Every since that day my son can tell you the difference between Diesel and Unleaded gas. That's why I knew he would love Lots & Lots of products!The number one thing I loved about the Lots & Lots of products is their all educational. I had a chance to review Lots & Lots of Toy Trains, Fire Trucks, Fire Songs & Safety Tips, Big Trains, and Fire Trucks & Firefighters (Book). I have to say my favorite part was the book. It covered history and fun facts about the Fire Trucks and Firefighters. My son and daughter both LOVED the Fire Songs & Safety tips DVD. I don't they can watch the show enough! It's on over and over. There favorite part is Heroes Brave and Tall. I can't complain though, because while they are watching the DVD they are also learning important tips about being safe with fires. My favorite part of the book was the Fireman's Prayer. It reminded me a lot of my dad.Fireman's PrayerWhen I am called to duty, God, wherever flames may rage,Give me strength to save some life, whatever be its age.Help me embrace a little child before it is too late, or save an older person from the horror of that fate.Enable me to be alert and hear the weakest shout, and quickly and efficiently to put the fire out. I want to fill my calling and to give the best in me, to guard my every neighbor and protect his property.And if according to my fate, I am to lose my life, please bless with your protecting hand, my children and my wife.Author ~ UnknownI think it's neat how when we pass fire trucks or trains that both of my children can blurt out some kind of fact about them. Education is an important factor in every child life. Who said it couldn't be fun or done by watching T.V? These DVD's and book are great tools for encouraging fire safety or for the vehicle lover in your life!! I know my son has gained a lot more passion for different kind of vehicles just from watching this.Connect with Marshall PublishingDo your kids love big vehicles? Trucks, Trains, Monster Trucks, Rockets, Planes and more are all available from the Award-Winning Series "Lots & Lots of." Your kids (and adults) will love watching their favorite vehicles haul freight, zoom up the track and more all set from a children's perspective.

About Marshall Publishing:"Lots & Lots of" Series is part of the Marshall Publishing and Promotions family of award-winning DVDs, Books and CDs. Their goal is to provide lots and lots of media fun and education through their songs and shows.The Lots & Lots of family of products (AS SEEN ON TV) have been recommended by Dr. Toy, Quality Children's Programs, and parent recommended for children with autism. They laos have been nominated/won awards such as the Parent's Choice and Kid's First Awards and have been broadcast on stations like PBS.My son could not have been more thrilled to receive some of the great Lots & Lots of series! Complete volumes of DVDs and BONUS CDs, his little body was jumping up and down at just the thought of watching some of his favorite vehicles in action!These great DVDs will keep your kids mesmerized as they watch big trains, trucks & more doing what they do best. Set to catchy kid-friendly music with bright beautiful colors, my son had no problems sitting and watching again and again. I love the narration. Some of the videos will actually get down into the vehicle explaining different parts and actions, which is great for kids learning!Lots & Lots of Trains was definitely his favorite. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of trains. But Lots & Lots of touched on so many including toy trains, steam trains, passenger trains, monorails and even really old trains. To this day, I catch my son singing the "Lots & Lots of" Theme song, which is so cute to see his excitement over the vehicles he loves most!From Blogger Saving Said Simply