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WIDESCREEN FORMAT - LENGTH: 120 Minutes (60 Minutes with Music and 60 Minutes with only train sound effects)

All the excitement of watching big trains in action has now been captured in our newest hour-long widescreen DVD release, “Lots & Lots of Big Trains – Giant Railroad Action!”

If you love trains, no matter what your age, we guarantee you’ll want to own “Lots & Lots of Big Trains!” It’s an exciting program featuring the ground-pounding sounds and close-up views of giant steam and diesel engines that shake the ground as they thunder on by.

The blasts of the air horns and the shrill calls of the steam whistles are guaranteed to run chills up and down your spine. With no narration to interrupt, it’s just like being right by the tracks, only better!

Our camera crews have travelled all over the world to bring you spectacular footage of some of the biggest, most colorful and unique trains ever recorded on a single DVD. See the full-length of these amazing titans of the tracks, from engine to caboose, as they wind through beautiful mountains, country sides, cities and towns – many of which you will probably never see anywhere else!

A Special Feature of this incredible collection allows you the choice of playing the video with or without music so you can listen to all the uninterrupted sounds of the trains or you can sit back and relax to the sounds of the trains mixed with specially selected soundtracks.

And, as a Special Bonus, you’ll learn how Steam and Diesel locomotives work through the use of animated graphics and narration!

Everyone loves,“Lots & Lots of Big Trains” and so will you!

UPC: 8-9419000126-4 ISBN: 978-1-936134-26-7